How do I book swimming at the lake?

You don't need to , you simply turn up on the day and pay at the entrance which will be marked by the purple tent. You will only be able to book on the day. we are looking in to membership as we go through this winter

How long can I swim?

The day is broken down into *5 two hour sessions. so depending on time of arrival you can swim for up to 2 hours. If a session is full it becomes a 1:1 system, as one person leaves another can take their space, in this instance you wouldn't have a full 2 hours just the remainder of the session from time of entry.

Our sessions are;

7am to 9am

9:15am to 11:15am

11:30am to 13:30pm

13:45pm to 15:45pm 

16:00pm to 18:00pm

*Please note the session times above are applied during the peak period from 1st April to 1st September

How do I go on the boats?

There is a separate fee for the boats, all you have to do is turn up and hire a boat. we suggest you sign our waiver on the website before you arrive to save you time on the day.

Holidays and Weekends Boating is available from 10:00am to 4:00pm

Is there a membership?

As this is our first year we are understanding what does and does not work, therefore are not currently offering memberships, but will review over the winter.

Is the water tested?

Yes the water is tested weekley, to EU bathing standards. our current results showed the lake exceeded EU bathing standards.

Can I bring my own boat?

Not at the moment, as from September we will be looking at a Session for those who are able to paddle but also have their own boats. We will announce a new term time programme closer to the time.

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12:00 – 19:00


07:00 – 19:00


07:00 – 19:00


07:00 – 19:00


07:00 – 18:00


07:00 – 18:00