About the lake

So Beckenham Place Park has an outstanding new lake with a splash zone.

We are PTP Coaching and we will be heading up the activities at the Lake this summer. There will be a variety of options for people to get involved from Open Water Swimming sessions to Boat Hire in our fantastic Canadian Canoes.

Our Launch day is 20th July and we will be there until the end of September possibly longer. This summer is a trial run to see if the products work for the local community and surrounding areas.

Open Times are as Follows;

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - 10 am to 7pm

Wednesday - 7am to 7pm

Thursday - 10am to 7pm

Friday - 7am to 7pm

Saturday - 7am - 7pm

Sunday - 7am to 7pm

Splash Area: A Free non-lifeguarded area going to about 1m-1.2m deep dependant on water levels. it is an open anytime area and is enter at your own risk.

Splash Area!

This is a Free Non-Lifeguard area marked by a floating line, it is 1m to 1.2m deep. This is a for all area, it is welcome to adults, teens, children and families. You do not need to book ahead or even pay, just turn up and enjoy a day out on the side of a beautiful lake hidden in the suburbs of London.

Launch Day - 20th July 2019

We are open from 12noon to 7pm.

We accept card payments only.

To avoid disappointment book your space online ahead of time!

Open Water Swimming

This is a chance to swim in open water in an anti-clockwise direction around a marked circuit. There will be on the water lifeguards stationed around the circuit for your safety and assistance if necessary.  Take this opportunity to take in the Serentiy of Beckenham Place Park Lake! 

Minimum age 8

Ability to swim 25m. All Persons under 16 must be accompanied in the water by an adult.

Boat Hire

This will allow up to 3 people hire one of our Canadian Canoes.

Have a chance to paddle around the lake and explore all its features whilst remaining mostly dry, it is a Watersport after all. 

Minimum age 2 

Any under 16's must be accompanied by an adult.


Please find here links to our Swimming and Boat hire Waivers! Waivers are to be completed before taking part in any activities. If you can complete them online before arrival it will save you time on the day.



Boat Hire:


Daily Running Schedule 21st July onwards

Summer Holiday Programme -

Mondays - Closed.                                         Saturdays -

                                                                     7am - 10am - Open WaterSwimming

Tuesday -                                                     10am - 2pm - Boat Hire 

10am to 7pm - Boat Hire                              2pm to 5pm - Open Water Swimming

                                                                     5pm to 7pm - Boat Hire

Wednesday -                                           

7am to 10am - Open Water Swimming.        Sundays  -

10am to 4pm - Boat Hire.                             7am - 10am - Open Water Swimming

4pm to 7pm - Open Water Swimming.          10am - 2pm - Boat Hire 

                                                                     2pm to 5pm - Open Water Swimming

Thursday -                                                    5pm to 7pm - Boat Hire

10am to 7pm - Boat Hire                              

Fridays - 

7am to 10am - Open Water Swimming

10am to 4pm - Boat Hire

4pm to 7pm - Open Water Swimming


Please note; There is a free non-lifeguarded splash area at the lake for anyone to participate at any time. Swimming minimum age is 8 years old and the ability to swim 25m, all under 16 swimmers must be accompanied by an adult and wear a tow float.

Boat Hire - 3 persons per Canadian Canoe, if any under 16's an adult must be present in the boat. persons 16 years plus can hire boats as long as they sign the waiver form.

When booking you will receive a booking e-mail with the e-waiver and information for arriving on the day. An e-waiver must be signed before participating in lake activities and payment can either be made online or in person on the day. We only accept card, contactless and Apple/google pay.


How To Book!

If you would like to book a session please click on the link below to go to bookings!

Links to our Waiver forms if you would like to read before you buy your ticket are on this page!

Enter Concessions19 at check out for a Concessions ticket! Concessions rates are for those under 16, over 60 and those on means tested benefits. You will need to bring proof you are in receipt of these benefits with you, you may also be asked for proof of age! For Family Tickets use Family19

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Pricing! 21st July onwards

Open Water Swimming

Adults - £3 

Concession - £2

Family (2 adults/3 children) -£10

Use Concessions19 or Family19 to get your tickets!

Boat Hire

30 minute - £10

1 hour - £20

Stand Up Paddle Boards

30 minutes - £8

1 hour - £12

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